Slave poop and enema on back legs up (Abigail Dupree in FULL HD)

This is my first poop video! Yay! I was a bit nervous to be honest but I ended up having so much fun with this one. I lay on my back and put my feet over my head and let it plop onto the pad. Then I lay out some plastic so I can do […]

SUPERMODEL Scat Enema Dirty Anal Play (DirtyAngel)

Dirty Anal Play I was having some breakfast all ready to leave the house. After having a cigarette I felt the need to take a shit. I asked for some help so I can make it quick so my partner inserts an enema into my asshole. Shit explodes out of me so fast with sweet […]

Model Schoolgirl Gets a Milky Enema and Shits (DirtyAngel)

Milky Enema and Shits Hey guys! I hope you like my pooping clips so far 🙂 Today I am your sexy model schoolgirl. I start off posing for you and smoking my cigarette. I haven’t shit today so we need to get started ASAP. I start by pissing in a bowl. I need to taste my morning […]