BOOT SQUAD What do you do when you want to go out and need someone to feed and mistreat your slave? Right – you call the Boot Squad!! They take good care of your property while you’re having a good time, and they make sure that everything’s nice and clean when you return!

PRAYING MANTIS – BUSTED BUILDER (Femdom, Scat, Caning, Piss)

BUSTED BUILDER (Femdom, Scat, Caning, Piss) A builder is caught lazing about by the ladies of the house. They teach him a harsh lesson to improve his poor working morale. Soon he’s in deep shit, but they haven’t even started yet! He’s put in his place with merciless whippings, beatings and toilet abuse and is […]

Praying Mantis – Double Trouble (Lou and Lisa)

Double Trouble (Lou and Lisa) Mistress Lisa likes to show off her stuff! Of course that also goes for her newly acquired human toilet. When she takes him to a visit to Lady Lou, the poor slave soon is in double trouble. Both Mistresses fill him up to the brink several times, and when he […]


MESSED UP BY MISSY Young Goddess Missy applies for an apprenticeship at Mistress Angie’s studio. She soon turns out to be a natural domme who enjoys humiliating and punishing men. The poor house slave is beaten, slapped, kicked and whipped into submission and used as a human toilet over and over again.

MITZI’S MENUS – PRAYING MANTIS (Female Scat Domination)

MITZI’S MENUS Mitzi keeps a fully trained toilet slave in the basement. Watch her use and abuse him on his last day of service before she sells him to a domme friend! The slave is served his usual three meals a day plus a late-night drink before the two dames provide him with a farewell-dinner […]

Praying Mantis – Mistress Coco meets Mister Poo (Japanese Mistress Coco Katsura and Marlen)

Praying Mantis – Mistress Coco meets Mister Poo Information about the film: Genre: Scat Production:UK Language:English Translation:Original Director: N/A Starring: Mistress Coco, Marlen, 1 slave Duration: 1 Hour 23 Minutes 16 Seconds Size: 2,40 Gb About movie: Japanese Mistress Coco Katsura entertains slave Mr. Poo for a full weekend of bondage, humiliation, punishment, fisting and full toilet […]